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 Is main sea-port of Syria on the Mediterranean. It is situated on the low-lying Ra's Ziyarah promontory that projects into the Mediterranean Sea. It was known to the Phoenicians as Ramitha and to the Greeks as Leuke Akte. Its present name is a corruption of Laodicea, for the mother of Seleucus II (3rd century BC).

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  • Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade
  • Ministry of Industry
  • Ministry of Information

  • National Information Center

Useful Addresses
Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade
Salhiyeh, Damascus
Tel. 2219044; Tel. 3720599; Tel. 2219241
istry of Tourism
Kouwatly Street, Damascus
Tel. 2210122; Tel. 2215916

Ministry of Transport
Abou Roumaneh, Damascus
Tel. 3336801/2/3ab Advertising Organization
Damascus - Syria
B.O.Box 2842 or 3030
Tel. 2225219 - 2225220 - 2225221

Damascus Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1040 Damascus – Syria
Tel: 011 - 2211339 / 2218339
Fax: 011 - 2225874
Email: [email protected]
Damascus Chamber of Industry
Damascus - Syria
Tel: 2213475 / 2215042


Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources
P.O. Box 40, Al-Adawi, Damascus
Tel. 4455972; Tel. 4445610

Syrian Petroleum Company
Moutanabbi Street, P.O. Box 2849 Damascus
Tel. 3119994

Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
Yousef Al-Azmeh Square, Damascus

Ministry of Interior
Al-Marjeh, Damascus
Tel2211001; Tel. 2220100

Ministry of High education

Mazzeh, Damascus

Tel: 2129860/2

Fax: 3327719


Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform
Jabri Street, Hejaz Square, Damascus
Tel. 2213613/4; Tel. 2219874inistry of Communications
Parliament Street, Damascus
Tel. 2227033/4; Tel. 2221133/4/5

Ministry of Education
Shahbander Street, Damascus
Tel. 2227033/4; Tel. 2221133/4/5

Ministry of Electricity
Kouwatly Street, P.O. Box 4900, Damascus
Tel. 2223086; Tel. 2229654; Tel. 2228334; Tel. 2228915

Ministry of Finance
Tajreeda Square, P.O. Box 13136, Damascus
Tel. 2219603; Tel. 2216300/1/2/3

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Shora, Muhajireen, Damascus
Tel. 3331200/1/2/3

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Housing and Utilities
Yousef Azmeh Square, Damascus
Tel. 2224194/5/6/7; Tel2217570/1/2

Ministry of Industry
Maysaloun Street, P.O. Box 12835, Damascus
Tel. 2231845; Tel. 2231834; Tel. 3720959

Ministry of Information
Dar Al-Baath, Mezzeh Autostrad, Damascus
Tel. 6622141/2/3/4; Tel. 6617616/94/24

Arab Advertising Organization
Moutanabbi Street, P.O. Box 2842Damascus
Tel. 2225219/20/21

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